Why book hotels, your day trips, excursions and activities on our website?

Our business is all about hiring cars and transferring visitors to the island from one place to another.
As the most popular car rental business in Zanzibar, our customers ask us for a lot more. They depend on us to recommend hotels, to advise on the most worthwhile tours and activities on our island, and to even book local and regional flight tickets for them. And these things we have always done because we know Zanzibar like the back of our hands: what is good, what is better, and what is the best.
We decided to make it easier and quicker for our customers to find the accommodation they desire, at prices suitable to their pockets, as well as those tours and activities which add to the fun and flavour of any holiday or business visit. So we teamed up with Tripindigo, our region’s best online travel agent http://www.tripindigo.com and with their help are able to assist you.
You can find here on our website several carefully selected hotels, resorts and guesthouses whose owners or managers we know personally, and who are our friends. Also, a selection of the preferred tours and activities operated by the best in the whole of Zanzibar.
Recommended. Known personally to us.
Right prices. It’s our reputation.

How to find and book what you’re looking for

See the search buttons below or go to the home page and select from Hotels / Activities / Flights, enter the requested details, and we’ll show you what is available, and at what price. A quick word on price: with our relationships on the island, we present our customers with some of the best.
For flight tickets, the prices displayed are exactly the same as on Tripindigo, the only cost comparison website for flights in the whole of East Africa.


There are over 400 hotels and other accommodation establishments across our island. Some are excellent, some are not so excellent. We present just over 90 we’d recommend to anyone, suitable for a range of budgets.

Day Tours

An island of culture and nature, shaped by our interesting history and seen in our food, architecture, paintings, music, crafts and famous spice farms.


Explore and sail the seas, the islands off the Zanzibar coast or choose adrenalin action.


Finding the flight on and off the island, and indeed within Tanzania and the region, is not easy when you don’t know all the airlines, their prices and schedules. Our customers have told us how difficult this can be.
We’ve worked for over 20 years with our local airlines.


At Zanzibar Express Car Hire, we have years of experience in hiring cars to tourist and locals alike on both self drive and chauffeur driven basis. From our extensive experience, we have compiled some information on the most commonly asked questions to ensure that you have all the information you need to confidently book your car hire with us. Please have a look at our frequently asked questions page to find out more about hiring a car in Zanzibar.

  • Konstantin K – Perfect!!!

    Booked a car before leaving Ukraine, WhatsApp wrote off, the guys answered quickly and met upon arrival. Everything is very fast and simple. We rent the car for 12 days and were very pleased. For these roads you need a high and all-wheel drive car)

    We were a couple and we would rather have a private tour in Dar es Salaam. So, we use the private services from Xpress Rent a Car & Day Tours. All communication we had was excellent. Shabbir Ebrahim answered all WhatsApp and e-mails very quickly. We did 2 transfers and 1 city tour. Lameck, our guide/driver, is excellent guide! He is very friendly and told us many stories and details regarding his country. He is also a very good driver. Highly recommended!
  • Colourful Planet – Everything fine

    We rented a car for a week and service and the car was totally fine. Once we had a tiny issue, but we were helped right away by the team. I also want to take some people the fear of driving on Zanzibar. You have to get used a little bit to driving on the left side, but with automatic gear it was fine. The streets are not what we know in Europe, but since you drive slow, also this is no problem. We heard a lot of stories about the police over there, but also that was easy. Twice they quickly checked the licence and that was it. We were very happy we had the car, which made us totally flexible while exploring the island.


Zanzibar Express Car Hire can organise various tours of the famous Spice Island. Experience the sights, sounds and flavours of exotic Zanzibar with us.